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Tips about Traditions and Etiquette in Morocco 

Being aware of how to eat and what to wear in a foreign country that you haven’t visited before, it is really a pretty useful matter especially when you plan to go to an Arabian country like Morocco. 
Morocco is a homeland for many unparalleled customs and manners based on how to react generously and politely. So here are important traditions and etiquette tips to brush up on your cognition with its culture when you travel to Morocco. 

Unique Moroccan traditions and Manners

The Moroccan costume

Tips about Traditions and Etiquette in Morocco  For your next Trip

Morocco is a Muslim country so its inhabitants are conservative people, especially in what they wear. For instance, you can see women wearing shawls and headscarves in the Berber village or rural areas, it looks like a formal outfit there. They also prefer to dress in loose clothes to cover their arms and legs. So, if you intend to travel to Morocco, try to show some respect for their culture in how you dress up. 

Greetings, how to say hello in Moroccan culture

They are very welcoming and easy-going people; they have a unique tradition in how to greet someone which is” salaam alaikum” and that’s a traditional greeting for Arab countries generally. Sometimes they greet themselves by shaking hands with their right hand only.

Table etiquette, how to eat in the Moroccan way

Tips about Traditions and Etiquette in Morocco  For your next Trip

The manner of how to eat your meal in Morocco is a little bit different from Europe or America, the Moroccan etiquette is to use your hands instead of a fork or spoon. 
Besides that, you have to eat with your right hand. As well as when you are invited to dinner in a friend's house, just take only what is in front of you except if the host proffers a slice of meat on your plate. 

Domestic etiquette in Morocco, how to act decently

Maybe etiquette in Moroccan homes is a little bit strange for you, but showing your respect for their manners is superb. The same as when you visit a friend at his house, you have to take your shoes off at the home entrance first before entering inside. 
On the whole, the Moroccans are very cordial and hospitable which is above in their attitudes. So, if you have plans to visit Marrakech, Casablanca, or any other beautiful cities in Morocco, just read this article carefully and go ahead” wish you a good trip”. 

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