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Essaouira is a wonderful coastline city, Located about 2.5 hours west of Marrakech and easily accessible from Agadir or Rabat.
It is called the ‘Windy City of Africa’ which means, it is not a quiet place for relaxing on the beach or taking sunbathing. Essaouira beach is windy so it is a wholly great place for kitesurfing activities. Here are some upcoming examples of sightseeing in this beautiful destination.


Essaouira's City Walls


When you visit Essaouira city, you will notice the wide range of walls that surround the medina. These walls are so old that back in the late 18th century and were built to guard the coastal town against any kind of invasion.

The fortress Tower Borj El Barmil at the Port


The best place to view the port and the whole town is from this tower. There is a needed fee to get into the fortress but it is a worthy scenery to see.

The Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah Museum


A stunning historical museum that was named after the founder of the city himself. It is located in a 19th-century mansion in the heart of the old city. This museum is rich in remarkable historical artifacts including woodcraft, pottery, jewelry, and many other kinds of artifacts. Besides many documents about the Berber tribes and their culture.

Shopping in Sunday Souk


A small mazes of shops and stalls that sell traditional Moroccan stuff varying in their smells and colors such as spices, food, books, jewelry, and furniture. 

You shouldn't visit Morocco without wandering in its traditional souks and buying unique souvenirs to be a wonderful memory.

Riding a Camel or a Horse alongside the beach


A Plentiful of joyous activities can be done on the beach, including swimming, having a Moroccan cup of tea at the cafes facing the sea, or doing unusual activities like going on a Camel or a Horse ride on the beach. Surely spending a day from sunrise into sunset on this magical beach is such a day to remember.



If you are a big lover of kitesurfing, Essaouira Beach is the perfect destination for this enjoyable activity.  Essaouira beach is so windy which is great for kitesurfing, especially in winter because the waves are much stronger in winter. Many surfers are there at that time of the year for this thrilling adventure.

Various kinds of exciting activities can be done at this wonderful destination. Whether you are a lover of beaches or searching for a thrilling adventure, in Essaouira city, you will find your passion.

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