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Fes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was once Morocco's capital. The city is known as the country's cultural epicenter. When you visit this oldest city, you will discover new things. For instance, towers of spices, traditional handicrafts, hammams, and tanneries are all inside this old medina. You must explore this beautiful town and know the best things to do in Fes.

Al Quaraouiyine Mosqu


It is one of the oldest universities in the world, and Fatima al-Fihri has built it. But now, it has become a mosque for Muslims only, and its renewed library is open to all visitors. Indeed, you will admire the magnificent handmade tilework dating back to the 9th century. It is a worthy place to visit.

Dar Batha Museum 


Dar Batha was a grand palace that became a museum in 1915 in Medina. It looks like a piece of art with adorable artifacts, traditional Moroccan tiles, and glamorous carpets. At the museum's entrance is a charming garden Inspired by the Andalusia style that is full of plants, smells, and a water fountain. 

Chouara Tannery

Chouara Tannery-ask-aladdin

Do you know that this tannery is the oldest in the world? That's true, and they are doing the same thing until now. Men make the best leather in a vast tannery, which is good for picking up unique souvenirs for friends. Just be careful of the strong smell of the dyeing process in the tannery; you can take some mints with you or a scarf to cover your nose, just in case.

Merenid Tombs


These tombs are home to the skeletal remains of Merenid dynasty sultans and other royals. Although the beauty of the decorations and engravings of the tombs are dim, you can still admire the uniqueness of the architecture. For a whole vision, you can climb up the hill to see the panoramic view of the entire medina, which is 1,200 years old. Just stay in the dark because the descent is dangerous.

Borj Nord Arms Museum


The Borj Nord Museum is related to military history and is located in a 16th-century fortress built by Sultan Ahmed al-Orders. It houses a collection of antique weapons, including firearms, jewel-encrusted daggers, swords, shields, coats of arms, powder kegs, and photographs from the past. Its location offers panoramic views of the surrounding areas.

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