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Comprehensive Guide to Navigating Morocco: An In-depth Look at Transportation Options

Moroccan Bus Timetables

From the bustling city streets to the tranquil desert landscapes, Morocco offers every traveler a diverse array of experiences. However, one must understand how to navigate its transportation system to immerse in the country's rich culture and history. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the various transportation options available in Morocco, from public buses and taxis to trains and planes.

A Brief Introduction to Transportation in Morocco

Morocco boasts a robust and complex network of transportation options, making it relatively easy for tourists and locals alike to traverse the length and breadth of this North African nation. While the system might seem daunting at first glance, it's pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it.

This guide covers the following modes of transport

  • Petit taxis
  • Grand taxis
  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Planes
  • Car rentals

Petit Taxis: Your Go-To for Inner-City Travel

Petit taxis, as the name suggests, are small taxis that operate within city limits. They are a popular choice for short-distance travel and are easily identifiable by their distinct colors, which vary from city to city. For instance, petit taxis are red in Casablanca and Agadir, blue in Rabat, Tangier, and Asilah, and orange in Marrakech. Petit taxis are metered, so the fare is calculated based on the distance traveled. However, confirming that the meter works before embarking on your journey is always a good idea to avoid any potential disputes. Also, it's worth noting that petit taxis cannot be used for inter-city travel – for that, you'll need to use grand taxis or other modes of public transportation.

Moroccan Bus Timetables

Grand Taxis: For Longer Journeys and Inter-City Travel

In contrast to petit taxis, grand taxis are larger vehicles used for inter-city travel or longer journeys within a city. These taxis operate on fixed routes and leave from designated taxi ranks near bus or train stations.
One unique aspect of grand taxis is that they operate on a shared basis, meaning you might find yourself sharing the ride with other passengers. This can provide an enjoyable cultural experience, but if you prefer a more private travel experience, you can opt to "buy" additional seats.

Buses: An Economical Choice for Long-Distance Travel

For longer distances, buses are a cost-effective and popular choice. Morocco is serviced by several bus companies, with CTM and Supratours being the most reliable and widely used options. These companies offer regular services to most major cities and towns, making them an ideal choice for budget-conscious travelers.
While bus travel can be slower than other modes of transport, it provides a unique opportunity to take in the scenic Moroccan landscape. However, it's important to note that during peak travel times, buses can get crowded, and tickets can sell out quickly, so booking your tickets in advance is a good idea.

Trains: Comfortable and Convenient Inter-City Travel

Morocco's train network, operated by the Office National des Chemins de Fer (ONCF), is a comfortable and convenient option for inter-city travel. The network covers most major cities, including Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, and Tangier, offering regular daily services.
One of the significant advantages of train travel is its comfort level. Trains in Morocco are typically equipped with air conditioning and spacious seating, making them a comfortable choice for longer journeys. However, it's worth noting that train schedules can sometimes be subject to delays, so always allow for extra travel time when planning your trip.

Planes: For Quick and Convenient Long-Distance Travel

Domestic flights can be a convenient option if you're pressed for time or need to cover large distances quickly. Morocco's flag carrier, Royal Air Maroc, operates domestic flights from its Casablanca hub to major cities nationwide. Air Arabia also offers domestic flights in Morocco on selected routes.
Although flights can be more expensive than other modes of transport, they can save you a significant amount of time, particularly on longer routes. However, it's always wise to check flight schedules and prices in advance, as these can vary depending on the time of year and demand.

Car Rentals: For Flexibility and Freedom of Movement

For those who prefer the freedom and flexibility of self-drive travel, renting a car is an excellent option. Renting a car allows you to explore Morocco at your own pace and visit off-the-beaten-path locations that might not be accessible by public transport.
However, driving in Morocco can be challenging due to different traffic rules, narrow roads, and sometimes aggressive local driving practices. Therefore, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the local road rules and driving conditions before you hit the road.

Tramways: Eco-Friendly City Travel

To reduce traffic congestion and promote eco-friendly travel, Morocco has introduced tramways in some of its major cities, including Rabat and Casablanca. Tramways are an efficient and affordable option for getting around within these cities, with regular services operating throughout the day.

Ferries: Connecting Morocco with Europe and Beyond

In addition to its extensive land-based transportation network, Morocco is also well-connected by sea. Regular ferry services link various Moroccan ports with numerous destinations in Europe and the Middle East, providing an alternative mode of transport for those who prefer to travel by sea.

Other Modes of Transportation

For the more adventurous travelers, Morocco also offers a variety of unique modes of transportation. From camel rides through the Sahara Desert to horse-drawn carriage rides in the bustling streets of Marrakech, these unconventional modes of transport can add a touch of excitement to your Moroccan adventure.


Whether you travel by taxi, bus, train, or plane, getting around in Morocco can be pretty straightforward. However, it's always essential to plan, be aware of local customs and regulations, and remain flexible in your travel plans. With a bit of preparation and an open mind, you can easily navigate Morocco's transportation system and make the most of your time in this vibrant and diverse country.

Ride Departure Arrival Price 
Fes to Chefchaouen 14:30 18:45 US$13.90

Departure and arrival times are in local time


Ride Departure Arrival Price 
Marrakesh to Agadir 15:30 18:30 US$15.72
Marrakesh to Agadir 17:30 20:30 US$15.72

Departure and arrival times are in local time


Ride Departure Arrival Price 
Agadir to Casablanca (Standard Bus) 13:00 20:15 US$33.77
Agadir to Casablanca (Standard Bus) 22:30 05:45 US$33.77

Departure and arrival times are in local time

Ride Departure Arrival Price 
Marrakesh to Casablanca (Standard Bus) 12:30 15:30 US$13.58
Marrakesh to Casablanca (Standard Bus) 13:15 16:15 US$13.58
Marrakesh to Casablanca (Standard Bus) 13:40 16:40 US$13.58
Marrakesh to Casablanca (Standard Bus) 16:30 19:30 US$13.58
Marrakesh to Casablanca (Standard Bus) 19:45 22:45 US$13.58
Marrakesh to Casablanca (Comfort Bus) 12:30 16:00 US$13.34
Marrakesh to Casablanca (Comfort Bus) 17:15 20:45 US$13.34

Departure and arrival times are in local time

Ride Departure Arrival Price 
From Chefchaouen to Tangier 15:30 18:00 US$9.44
From Chefchaouen to Tangier 18:45 21:15 US$9.39
From Chefchaouen to Tangier 19:15 21:45 US$9.44

Departure and arrival times are in local time

Ride Departure Arrival Price 
Marrakesh to Zagora 00:30 07:30 US$26.59

Departure and arrival times are in local time


Ride Departure Arrival Price 
Agadir to Essaouira 13:30 16:30 US$14.80

Departure and arrival times are in local time

Ride Departure Arrival Price 
Rabat to Tangier 19:00 23:00 US$13.02

Departure and arrival times are in local time

Ride Departure Arrival Price 
Casablanca to Essaouira (Standard Bus) 12:45 18:45 US$24.42
Casablanca to Essaouira (Standard Bus) 13:15 19:15 US$24.42
Casablanca to Essaouira (Comfort Bus) 16:15 22:15 US$25.57
Casablanca to Essaouira (Comfort Bus) 16:45 22:45 US$25.57

Departure and arrival times are in local time

Ride Departure Arrival Price 
Marrakesh to Tangier 13:40 23:40 US$39.07

Departure and arrival times are in local time

Ride Departure Arrival Price 
Casablanca to Tangier (Standard Bus) 17:00 22:35 US$16.57
Casablanca to Tangier (Standard Bus) 17:30 23:05 US$16.57
Casablanca to Tangier (Standard Bus) 18:00 23:35 US$16.57
Casablanca to Tangier (Comfort Bus) 11:00 16:35 US$21.89
Casablanca to Tangier (Comfort Bus) 11:45 17:20 US$21.89
Casablanca to Tangier (Comfort Bus) 12:15 17:50 US$21.89

Departure and arrival times are in local time

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