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Information on the most famous Moroccan oases

Tafilalt Oasis

Moroccan Oases

The Tafilalt oasis is the biggest Saharan oasis in Morocco, situated in the country's southeast. The oasis comprises the fortified villages of Erfoud, Arab Sebbah du Ziz, Rissani, Seffalat, Aoufous, and Jorf, as well as 30 miles (50 kilometres) of palm trees lining the Wadi Ziz. The former capital of Sijilmassa was a Berber (Amazigh) stronghold located near the Niger River in Tangier in ad 757. Mawlāy Ismāʿīl (1672-1727) and Ait Atta nomads destroyed it in 1363 and 1818, respectively. It was once a prosperous city, and Ismāʿīl rebuilt it in 1672. The Ziz Valley is known for its stunning scenery, from the Source Bleue, the springwater pool where the Meski oasis meets, to the rolling sand dunes of Merzouga. There are also numerous ksour and an incredibly diverse palmery. UNESCO and Med-O-Med believe oases to be examples of human intelligence at work in general, and Tafilalt is an intriguing example of man and nature working together in an arid environment. Based on the UNESCO Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (Article 1, 1972, Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention, 2008), Med-O-Med regards this area as a Cultural Landscape (Continuing Landscape) due to its natural and cultural heritage components, defined as a “combined work of nature and of man”.

Tinhir Oasis 

Moroccan Oases

The Oasis of Tinhir is situated in Todgha Gorge, south of the High Atlas Mountains, where palms and traditional houses coexist in perfect harmony, 30 kilometres in length.

Kaar Alt Ben Haddou Oasis

Moroccan Oases

The ancient village of Kaar Alt Ben Haddou north of the Sahara is one of the most popular settings, having appeared in many films. Because of its position at the foot of an agadir (a citadel located on a hilltop), the traditional structures are in high demand.

Fint Oasis

Moroccan Oases

The Fint Oasis near Ouarzazate is aptly named, as Fint means hidden. Although it is concealed behind a mountain, this site's allure and beauty are worthy of a little extra attention. Abundant trees have been planted by oasis-dwellers, and at times their leaves brush the water, as the mountain is so close.

Zagora Oasis 

Moroccan Oases

Zagora's numerous date-palms, which stretch out of sight, are without a doubt the most fruitful oasis - a feast for the eyes especially at sunset.

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