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Essaouira is a beautiful town to visit in Morocco, and I spent my time wondering what to see around. One day when exploring the countryside, I discovered this amazing place- Sidi M’Barek Falls!  

The Sidi M'Barek waterfalls are a set of three waterfalls which are located in the Sidi M'Barek neighborhood of the city of Essaouira. These waterfalls are very close to the city and are a great spot in which to visit if you are an outdoor enthusiast. They are also a great spot for photographers to capture beautiful photos of the city, the waterfalls, and the amazing surrounding landscape.


It's about 13 minutes by car south of Essaouira on the road leading to Sidi Kouki. You'll know you're there because small signs are pointing in that direction at every major junction.


The walk from the parking lot down towards it should take no more than 25 minutes easy walk for most people, but if you have any health concerns or mobility issues please be careful as some parts may need climbing over obstacles or descending through steep slopes with loose sand inside cliffs which can be hazardous - only attempt these areas with care/overlook supervision from someone who knows exactly where they are going! This waterfall is also perfect for lunchtime picnics and barbecues.

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