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Top 5 Parks in Marrakesh That Offer A Unique Experience

Marrakesh is a charming city with some of the best parks in Africa. The city is surrounded by the High Atlas mountains, which gives it an incredible natural setting. Many different parks are scattered throughout the city, making it easy to find a good one. If you love exploring nature and hiking, you’ll love exploring the parks in Marrakesh.
Here are the five best green places in Marrakesh to give them a chance on your next tour:

Jardin Majorelle


It is a fascinating place that you will fall in love with its sparkling colors. Jardin Majorelle is the most famous garden in Marrakesh, and it has an excellent contrast between its Moorish influences and pastel tones of flora. The beautiful 12-acre botanical park contains:

  • Exotic plants.
  • Serene streams with floating lilies and lotus flowers.
  • A giant cactus collection.
  • A museum of Amazigh culture. 

Menara Gardens


The Almohads established the Menara Gardens. These unique gardens are truly spectacular, with a large water basin at the center, which irrigates surrounding orchards and groves using an elaborate network of aqueducts. Enjoy visiting this wonderful place on a sunny day and seeing the magnificent Atlas mountains in the background.

Cyber Park


If you want fresh air and relaxation, leave your daily life and head to Cyber Park. This 20-acre royal garden dates back as early as the 18th century. It also offers free Wi-Fi hotspots for guests. There are benches where you can sit next to gurgling water fountains, too! The southern entrance of this park has a small museum about telecommunications in Morocco that's run by Maroc Telecom, which visitors may enjoy exploring if they're interested in Moroccan history.



The lush and green Palmeraie is the place to visit if you want a break from the busy city life. It's filled with hotels and holiday homes. Suppose you're looking for some greenery with few available in this area with few people around. You can also take a bicycle or horseback ride, giving you an up-close look at nature in Marrakesh. Make sure to pick up a sunny day to avoid fog.

Agdal Garden


The Agdal Garden, built in the 12th century by the founder of the Almohad caliphate, is now protected by UNESCO. It includes a vast expanse stretching across the southern edges of the walled medina, with orange, date, lemon, fig, walnut, and pomegranate trees flourishing among the groves.

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