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The Myths and Facts About Morocco

1. The Landscape Misconception: A Country of Deserts

Myth: Morocco is entirely a desert.

Fact: Morocco is certainly home to the Sahara Desert, but this isn't the whole story. The country is geographically diverse, boasting the Atlas Mountains, fertile plains, and expansive coastlines. The range of landscapes is often a surprising revelation to first-time visitors.

2. The Language Misconception: A Solely Arabic-speaking Nation

Myth: All Moroccans speak Arabic.

Fact: Arabic is indeed the official language in Morocco, but it is far from the only one spoken. Many Moroccans also converse in Berber, with its distinct dialects. Moreover, French is commonly used in business, government, and educational settings. English is increasingly spoken, particularly in tourist areas.

3. The Cultural Misconception: A Stereotyped Picture

Myth: Morocco is exactly like the portrayal in the movie "Aladdin".

Fact: People often imagine Morocco as a scene straight out of "Arabian Nights", complete with sultans, tents, and camels. However, Morocco is a fusion of Middle Eastern and European cultures. The marketplaces may remind one of "Aladdin", but the reality is far from a musical fairy tale.

4. The Safety Misconception: A Dangerous Destination

Myth: Morocco is very dangerous.

Fact: Like any destination, Morocco requires visitors to exercise basic precautions. However, Morocco is generally a safe country for tourists. The crime rate is relatively low, and most visitors find Morocco to be a welcoming and hospitable place.

5. The Infrastructure Misconception: A Lack of Modern Amenities

Myth: Morocco lacks electricity, Internet, or other developments.

Fact: Morocco has a robust infrastructure, with reliable electricity and Internet services common in most parts of the country. The cities are well-paved, and international chain stores and shopping centers are common sights.

6. The Dance Misconception: The Land of Belly Dancing

Myth: Belly dancing is traditionally Moroccan.

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, belly dancing is not a part of traditional Moroccan culture. Most belly-dancing shows are primarily catered to tourists. Traditional Moroccan dancing is mostly seen at weddings and in all-women settings.

Myths & Facts

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