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Turkey Entertainment Guide

Today's land of the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish Republic, is a vibrant country with a rich history and thriving culture. Even though it’s home to some of the most conservative Muslims in the world, Turks also love to party and have fun. More than 300 million people live in Turkey, so naturally, there are countless entertainment options from coast to coast all year round. The big cities like Istanbul and Ankara are packed with nightclubs, bars, kava houses, teahouses, cafes, restaurants and cafes. Plenty of theaters host musical performances and plays throughout the year, especially during summer when outdoor venues come into play. If you intend on spending time in this beautiful country anytime soon, read on for all you need to know about their entertainment scene.

The Basics

First, let’s take a look at the basics. Turkey is a tourist-friendly country with a tropical climate and plenty of sandy beaches. The majority of the population is Muslim, with a significant Christian minority. The local language is Turkish, and the official currency is the Turkish lira. The electricity runs on 220 volts, 50 Hertz. The plumbing system is a mix of European and American standards. When it comes to dress code, it’s probably best to avoid wearing shorts anywhere outside the beach areas. Locals are generally conservative and prefer long pants for indoor settings. You’ll also want to focus on staying hydrated due to high temperatures and humidity.

Night Clubs

Nightlife in Turkey is an experience that’s unique to the region. While the Turkish club scene has been inspired by global DJs and trends for years, it remains slightly different from what you’d encounter in Europe or the US. There are almost 400 clubs in Istanbul alone, most of which are in the city’s Asian side. Clubs in Turkey don’t usually get going until after midnight. There are no general door policies. Instead, each club has its own targeted clientele and admission standards. Some have a VIP area, while others aren’t big enough to have one. Most clubs in Istanbul have a cover charge of around 100-200 Turkish lira. There are VIP lounges in certain clubs that charge an additional fee. The clubs open at 23:00 and close at 5-6 am. The music in clubs is usually commercial EDM or house.

Bars and Lounges

Turkey’s cocktail scene has evolved significantly during the past decade. Istanbul, in particular, has become a mecca for cocktail lovers thanks to the many talented bartenders who call it home. There are numerous bars and lounges throughout Istanbul, including inside the major hotels. And almost all of them serve cocktails at very affordable prices. Some of the country's most famous bars and lounges include Buddha Bar, Raffles Bar, Barfly, Cecco Bar, The Chesterfield, and The Library Hotel.

Kavans and Teahouses

Turkish kavans and teahouses have an essential place in the society. They are like clubs but for the mature age group. Numerous kavans around Turkey host cultural activities and serve traditional Turkish food and tea. Most kavans have a nominal entrance fee of around 10-15 Turkish lira. They are usually open from 17:00-24:00. You can find all types of people in kavans. You may even spot famous Turkish people there, too. Kavans are the perfect place to enjoy the Turkish culture and atmosphere. You can also meet new people in Kavans because they are places where people go to relax.

Turkish Theatre

Opera and theatre have always been popular in Turkey. Today, Istanbul is home to many world-class opera and theatre companies. The State Opera and Ballet of Istanbul is the city's primary opera and ballet company. The Istanbul Theatre Festival draws millions of people worldwide annually and showcases theatre from dozens of countries. Hundreds of smaller theatres and troupes across Turkey also put on shows year-round.

Festivals in Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world thanks to its rich history, cultural offerings, and proximity to millions of tourists from all over the globe. There are hundreds of festivals every year in Istanbul. Some of the most famous ones include the Istanbul Biennial, the International Music Festival, the Istanbul Jazz Festival, and the International Theatre Festival. There are many other festivals in other cities in Turkey throughout the year. The most notable are the International Archaeology Festival in Izmir, the International Festival of Music and Dance in Antalya, and the Nevroz Festival in Diyarbakir.

Sports in Turkey

There are thousands of sports in Turkey. The most popular ones are football, basketball, and volleyball. Many other sports are played across the country as well. Football is the most popular sport in Turkey. Many people call it the national religion due to the popularity and fanaticism it generates among its fans. Basketball is another trendy sport in Turkey. The country has produced many great basketball players over the years. Volleyball is also a modern sport in Turkey. The national team has won many medals in the past decade. There are many other sports played in Turkey. Some include athletics, water polo, tennis, sailing, rugby, and martial arts.

A lot is happening in Turkey at any given time of the year. You can experience ancient history at the museums and archaeological sites or party like rock stars at the clubs. There is something for everyone. This wonderful country has numerous places to visit and things to do. So, if you’ve considered traveling there, now is the time. And don’t forget to visit the exquisite Turkish beaches. They are some of the most beautiful in the world.

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