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Regions in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the entire world. This country has everything from snow-capped mountains to lush oases, waterfalls, and beaches. During any given visit, you may not have enough time to see everything the Emirates offers. However, there are many hidden gems that you won’t want to miss out on when you visit again one day. Whether you’re just passing through or planning on staying for a while, we’ve covered you with a list of 10 places you can’t miss in the UAE. From hotels and resorts with their private beaches to public park attractions, these must-see destinations will inspire your love for the UAE even more than before.

Fujairah Sand Dunes

The most obvious place to start is the Fujairah Sand Dunes. This is not only a desert landscape that is beautiful in its own right, but it also boasts the world’s most giant dunes. The dunes here are massive, and the colors and patterns found in their sands are mesmerizing. While dunes are pretty standard in deserts, these are among the largest in the world. The largest dune here is a whopping 550 meters tall, making it one of Earth's tallest natural sand structures. Visiting the Fujairah Sand Dunes is an experience unlike any other. Once you get there, you’ll see why they are called the world's eighth wonder. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the dunes, from sandboarding and sand sledding to dune buggy rides. These activities are available year-round.

The Hajar Mountains

The Hajar Mountains are a stunning natural wonder in the UAE. Located in the eastern part of the country, this mountain range is home to several oases, valleys, and beautiful natural pools. Some of the most popular attractions in the Hajar Mountains include the Al Hamra Oasis, Jabal Al Akhdar (The Green Mountain), the Al Mughal Gardens, and the Wadi Umm Azoggin Natural Pool. These are just a few of the many natural landscapes in the Hajar Mountains that make this region a must-see place in the UAE. The best time of year to visit the Hajar Mountains is between September and October when the weather is warm and the oases are at their most beautiful

Desert Breakaway Camp

If you visit the UAE with friends or family, you can’t miss out on seeing Desert Breakaway Camp. This unique desert adventure experience is one of a kind and will be something you will remember for the rest of your life. Desert Breakaway Camp is an outdoor adventure camp that offers a variety of activities for guests of all ages. This is the perfect place to go with a family or a group of friends. You can enjoy activities such as sandboarding, dune bashing, and caving, or you can relax at the on-site spa. Desert Breakaway Camp is located in Ras Al Khaimah, a beautiful UAE area that you definitely won’t want to miss out on.

Abu Dhabi Corniche

The Abu Dhabi Corniche is one of the most popular places in the UAE. This long waterfront walkway is the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the Arabian Gulf while strolling along the Corniche, or you can stop off at one of the many restaurants or cafes along the way. The Corniche is also a great place to visit during the day. You can explore the nearby Abu Dhabi Maritime Museum or Corniche Park or relax and enjoy the view from the harbor area. Whether you visit the Corniche during the day or at night, it’s a place you won’t want to miss out on in the UAE.

Al Marmoum Desert

The Al Marmoum Desert is another stunning desert landscape in the UAE that you won’t miss out on visiting. This desert is home to the Hulal Desert Festival, one of the most popular and well-known events in the Middle East. The Hulal Desert Festival is held annually in September, celebrating the UAE’s culture. People come from all over the world to attend this festival, which features music and dance performances, camel races, and much more. The Al Marmoum Desert is also a great place to visit year-round. It is beautiful during the spring and autumn seasons.

Musandam Peninsula

You can’t visit the UAE without visiting the Musandam Peninsula. This peninsula is a place unlike any other in the entire country. It is home to the breathtakingly beautiful Khor al-Himma, one of the world’s largest natural harbors. The Khor al-Himma is genuinely stunning, and it is a sight that you won’t soon forget. The Musandam Peninsula is also home to the Ras Al Khaimah Heritage Park, an outdoor museum that celebrates the history of the Ras Al Khaimah region. You can visit this outdoor museum and explore this area's traditional houses, forts, and mosques. And, of course, you can’t see the Musandam Peninsula without going to the famous Al-Silsilah al-Literary Heritage Village. This village is home to a group of long houses decorated with a different theme. You can visit them all or pick a few that interest you most.

Dubai Marine Park and Aquarium

The Dubai Marine Park and Aquarium is a place where you can enjoy a bit of both land and sea. This unique park is home to various aquatic animals, including sharks, dolphins, and seals. You can enjoy dolphin shows, feeding times, and other experiences that excite kids and adults alike. The Dubai Marine Park and Aquarium is the perfect place to visit with family or friends. This park is close to many hotels in Dubai, making it easy to get there. You can enjoy plenty of activities here, such as exploring the aquarium, watching the dolphin shows, or even riding a giant Ferris wheel. The Dubai Marine Park and Aquarium is fun to visit with friends or family any time of year.


The UAE has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and these are just a few of the many places that prove that. Whether you want to relax and enjoy the view or get up and explore, you won’t want to miss out on visiting these places. These are just a few places you can’t miss in the UAE. Many places are worth exploring, whether you’re visiting for a few days or a few months. No matter what time of the year you visit, you won’t want to miss out on these fantastic destinations.

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