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UAE Cuisine

UAE Cuisine

There’s so much more to the UAE than just endless malls, billion-dollar yachts, and sandy beaches. In fact, the Emirates is home to a thriving food scene with a variety of cuisines ranging from traditional Arabic to modern fusion. While most people think of fast food when they think of eating out in the UAE, there’s actually a lot of great and affordable local eateries that serve up simple but wholesome meals. From shawarma to burgers and everything in between, here are some top dishes you need to try if you love eating out in the UAE.

Halal food in UAE

Halal food is food that’s permissible to eat in accordance with Islamic law. In the UAE, almost all food is halal, but the majority of halal food is meat-based. This is because meat is one of the only things that can be certified halal. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, then there are a few things you have to watch out for. You also have to be careful when eating in restaurants as many foods contain gelatin, which is made out of animal products. Some examples of halal food in the UAE include traditional Arabic dishes like shawarma, falafel, hummus, and biryani. You can also find halal burgers and hot dogs at some fast food chains. Some shisha cafes also serve halal shisha and cocktails.

Shisha and Arabian food in UAE

Shisha, or water pipe smoking, has become an inseparable part of the UAE’s culture. Of course, you can also find shisha cafes all over the UAE where you can enjoy a shisha in a social setting. Although shisha cafes are common in the UAE, shisha itself is a very traditional form of smoking that originated in the Middle East. Shisha is usually made out of a mixture of tobacco and molasses and is flavored with special herbs and spices. Shisha stands out from other types of smoking because it’s usually shared between multiple people. Shisha is usually served with a variety of fresh juice, coffee, tea, and Arabian food such as hummus, shawarma, and falafel.

Falafel in UAE

Falafel is one of the most popular and widely eaten dishes in the UAE. It’s a vegetarian dish made out of ground, spiced chickpeas formed into balls and deep fried. Falafel is served as an appetizer or a full meal, and it’s usually eaten with tahini and hummus, which are also very popular Arabian dishes. If you’re traveling to the UAE, you can find falafel at almost any food joint and even in some convenience stores. If you’re looking for a local place to try out some authentic falafel, you can try the Al Habil Sweets and Restaurant, which is located in Dubai’s Old Town and serves up a variety of delicious and authentic Arabian dishes.

UAE Cuisine

Hamburgers in UAE

When you think of burgers, you probably think of a classic American dish, but the truth is that burgers are also a staple of the UAE’s food culture. You can find burgers at most fast food restaurants or even convenience stores in the UAE. Most burgers served in the UAE are made with a special-made mix of various spices that makes the burgers particularly unique. There are also a few local burger joints in Dubai where you can try a more traditional and authentic burger made with locally sourced ingredients.

Biryani in UAE

Biryani is an aromatic and flavorful rice dish that’s a favorite in many Asian and Indian cuisines, but it’s also a very popular dish in the UAE. Biryani is usually made with spices, herbs, and meat or fish, and it’s usually served with a side of a vegetable dish or a salad. Biryani is usually eaten as a full meal and is found in many Arab or Indian restaurants in the UAE. Biryani is also very easy to make at home and is a common treat made during holidays and special occasions.

Shawarma in UAE

Shawarma is another traditional Arabic dish that’s eaten all over the UAE, but it’s also a popular street food in many Middle Eastern countries. Shawarma is a sandwich made of freshly sliced, roasted meat (usually chicken or lamb), vegetables, and spices that are put into a rotating skewer and slowly cooked. Shawarma is often garnished with a generous serving of shawarma sauce and pickles. Shawarma can be eaten on its own or wrapped in pita bread. While you can find shawarma at restaurants, street food vendors make some of the most authentic and freshly made shawarma in the UAE.

Wrap up

If you love Middle Eastern food, then you’ve come to the right place. There’s so much variety in UAE’s food scene that even the most discerning eater would have a hard time deciding what to eat. From shawarma to biryani and everything in between, the UAE has it all. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and try some delicious and authentic food. Now that you know what to eat in UAE, you can explore the food scene here a little more and try something new. From affordable street food to fancy restaurants, there’s something for everyone.

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