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luxury Nile cruiser

The transcontinental country, Egypt, is land of history, mystery and romance. This place with its multi culture background has been a tourist attraction for quite some time now, not only tourist attraction but also a great location for honeymooners. Its beauty, mysterious sphinx and pyramids, white deserts, historical temples and museums, temples carved on mountain sides, Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens and many other attractive tourist spots just draws the tourists and visitors like magnet. The Nile, world’s longest river needs a special mention here. If you really want to enjoy the beauty and heritage of Egypt you need to go in for Luxury Nile Cruiser in Egypt.

The luxurious cabins and modern facilities available

Whether you are tourist visiting Egypt or you are on your honeymoon, the luxury cruise is the best way to enjoy your tour and holidays in Egypt. The cabins are tastefully done and are well equipped with all the modern facilities. You will find luxurious and spacious beds, fully under your control air conditioners, televisions, telephones and all the modern gadgets you can think of to make your holidays enjoyable. The luxury Nile cruiser is an answer to your dream holiday with full relaxation. After full day visiting the sites and historical monuments you will be relieved to come back to the luxurious cabins of the cruiser.

Other facilities on board

If you do not feel like stepping out for the day, you may enjoy the great panoramic view from the cruiser itself. You may relax or sun bath on the deck with a drink or go for a swim in the luxurious swimming pool. There are personal Jacuzz is in royal suites. There are other entertainments also available like library, bars, games room, gymnasium, internet café, sauna and massage rooms etc that you will enjoy the being on the luxury Nile cruiser as much as venturing out for sightseeing.

Relaxation along with sightseeing

The luxurious cruisers take you for a guided tour of historical temples at Karnak and Luxor, Valley of Kings and Queens, temple of Hatshepsut, colossi of Memnon, Aswan dam, temple of Philae and many other such beautiful and scenic sightseeing spots. Once you are done for the day you will look forward to return to the comfort and luxury of the cruiser. After a refreshing bath you may enjoy your evenings with the sumptuous dinner and dance. The quality of food is excellent with matching service. People are most polite, welcoming and cheerful and you will feel at home.

Top class quality matching the price

These cruises are made for 3 days, 4 days or 7 days to suit you. You may take your pick according to time you have in hand. This is the safest, luxurious and relaxed way of touring major tourist sites in Egypt. The cruise fulfils your dream of seeing Egypt at the same time enjoying your stay at very economical rates. You may go in for the package that suits you best and enjoy your dream holiday in Egypt.

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